Mini golf to be played by everyone

What do you know about mini golf? That it’s a small copy of a ‘big’ one? But that’s not the truth at all. Before trying anything you must puzzle out what it is and which advantages it may give you. In this article we offer you a short though completed review on what such a game is itself.

Mini golf in a few words for beginners

Mini golf is a ball and stick sport that is played on special courses both indoors and outdoors.
At first glance, mini golf may seem like a stripped-down version of regular golf game, but there are a number of distinctive features that distinguish it as an independent sport. Among them, the size and composition of the ball, the tradition of changing the ball during the game (instead of the rackets) and others.

The shape and size of the playing surface are not regulated. Most often there are 18 courses, each numbered and with its own ramps, drops and obstacles, which are created by landscaping, stones and various artificial constructions on a single playing field. The game starts in the starting shot circle (diameter 30 cm). The goal of this sport is to hit the ball into the hole of the track with as few strokes as possible. There are the most different types of balls, each with a different diameter (37-43mm), weight (22-80g), hardness, rebound and type of surface (painted, painted with fine grooves, uncoated). This great variety is due to the different characteristics of the tracks (there are concrete, felt and others). When playing, a racket with a playing area of up to 40 cm2 is used; special attachments to increase the accuracy of hitting are prohibited. Sometimes all the gaps are decorated in the same style (cartoon characters, historical objects, labyrinths, etc.).

Is the essence of the game in sporting only?

No, for sure, no. Mini golf is a great option for those who love outdoor activities. This hobby will bring you a lot of positive emotions and help improve coordination of movements, eye control and the ability to control your emotional state. Large American and Western European companies often set up mini-golf courses on their company premises so that employees can stretch their legs and “let off steam”. Some authors willingly built episodes into their movies in which the protagonists play mini-golf. For example, in “Eurotour”, “Big Business” and others.

Something to be added about communication

Mini golf is also a perfect game for keeping in touch with many like-minded fellows. Attending specialized activities (like tournaments, competitions, championships) or just visiting mini golf clubs, it’s much easier to find friends with similar interests and sport ‘addictions’. Thus gaming is a real treasure for those who are searching for new acquaintances.

Also mini golf is the perfect platform to find friends abroad. As the discipline is highly spread all around the world, especially in the countries to be previous dominions of the British Empire, there is no problem in communicating with international players. Besides sharing your mini golf experience, you may dig into the cultures of each other and broaden your own horizons.

To sum up, mini gold is worth trying

As you can see, the game is really very good for both keeping fit (ahd staying healthy) and developing as a personality. Actually, the rules are quite simple as well as the equipment and theoretical knowledge to have are minimal. Stop waiting for nothing and start improving yourself. By googling the nearest mini golf club you are free to become a better version of yourself even today.