Step by step about the mini golf game

Mini golf is highly popular nowadays. You can find a lot of clubs to participate in. Though the sport is different from an ordinary game, not everyone understands the features to be distinctive. Let’s puzzle out them as well as the essence of the discipline itself.

Key differences between golf and mini golf

In essence, it is similar to ordinary golf. The goal of mini golf is to consistently hit the ball into the holes on the eighteen numbered courses with a minimum number of strokes. It is a good starting point for playing similar disciplines, as it helps to develop the putt technique of the player. After all, the putt – the rolling of the ball to reach the hole – is one of the elements that make up a great swing.

However, the game also has a range of distinctive differences from ordinary golf. The first and most important thing is the size of the playing area, which is an outdoor or indoor court. On these courts, after a relatively short period of practice, the player is able to put the ball into the hole with one blow. Big golf takes much longer to master due to its more complex technique. Indoor courses are usually about three meters long. Outdoor courses can be much longer, but they are considerably shorter than regular one.

As a rule, several clubs (up to fourteen) are used to hit shots of different lengths and heights on different surfaces, while in mini golf only one club is needed. Mini golf is played only on artificial grass. The heads of the clubs are covered with elastic rubber so that the ball bounces. Mini golf clubs are putters or mini golf clubs. The material, construction, diameter and weight of balls are different from those of ordinary golf balls. Mind that mini golf is not considered a top sport and therefore the etiquette and dress code on the course are not so strict.

In detail about mini golf

This is a sport in which teams or individuals compete against each other on a playing field by throwing a small ball into a hole with a club. The goal is to complete all the holes in a given order by hitting the ball as little as possible.

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Once more, it is not a smaller version of ordinary golf, but a different game with its own rules and equipment. Also in terms of elasticity, there are norms for the balls. A mini golf ball thrown from a height of 1 m at 25 ° C on concrete should bounce back a total of 85 cm. The balls are usually painted in different colors so that the player can quickly recognize them.

The main player’s goal is to pass the square (the track) with a minimum number of strokes. But how many holes should golf have? The number can vary from 1 to 18, depending on the size of the field. The optimal number is 10. Places are often marked with flags. The diameter of the hole is 10-12 cm.

The rules provide for a maximum of six strokes per hole. A touch of the ball with the stick is considered a blow. One point is awarded for each shot. If a player does not complete all six strokes, another point is awarded. The holes must be completed in a certain sequence. For this they are numbered. The player is allowed to change balls when changing holes. The player (team) who completed all the holes and scored the fewest points wins.

Equipment you need to have

In online stores you can buy everything you need for your clubhouse. Whatever format you choose, you need it:

  • beaters (putters) – 20-25 pieces of different sizes;
  • balls – 50 pieces;
  • flags – according to the number of holes;
  • marking blocks – 15 pieces.

Basic rules of mini golf and etiquette applied during the game

This foundation, on which the whole game is built, is not the sophisticated rules of mini-golf, but etiquette. It’s based on respect for the opponent. If for some reason you are stopped in the hole, for example, if you lose the ball, you need to let the player who is waiting for his turn behind you pass. It is forbidden to move during the game, as this may interfere with others or cause injury. Be sure to use your own ball. First of all, you get penalty points. Secondly, you can interfere with another player during his game. You need to be to the right of your opponent when you hit the ball. It is not advisable to turn your back on other players.

The reasons to pay attention to

Though you may find a range of sport disciplines to dig into, this one is brilliant because of a heap of pros to mention. The general advantages are simplicity, accessibility, affordability, popularity and elegance.
There is no wonder why millionaires and billionaires prefer this game. Football, for instance, may be full of staginess, but not so noble. Many clubs can be found to attend and try your hands in, also there are a heap of federations and tournaments (for amateurs) organized by them. Thus it’s impossible to get bored in a mini golf field. Don’t waste any seconds – google for an appropriate center to visit. Besides keeping fit, you will be able to find new acquaintances and like-minded fellows to chat with. Never being in a noble circle of people was so close as it’s now. The sport is not just about training, but broadening your own horizon. Dig into and start leading a new life right now and at the place you are today.